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Our Fly Shop



Shop our fly shop, whether on line or in our spacious store located at 219 North Jefferson, St. James, Missouri for a variety of your favorite rods, reels and fly lines, as well as leaders and tippet. You will also find a very large selection of flies. Patterns that will do you well here locally on Meramec River, and the Current River to patterns that catch fish out west or in the streams of the east.


If you are a rod builder, we have everything you need to build your own rods, from thread, guides, blanks and finish to the tools and wrappers. So be sure to visit our online & offline fly shop for all the fly fishing supplies online.


We also have a good selection of fly tying supplies, so be sure to visit us on line or in our store.

If you need an immediate answer to a question, feel free to call us a 573-265-2844.